Why Your Thoughts Are The Key To Escaping Burnout


On my morning walk today (and if you don’t do one, why not?) I noticed something interesting. I am lucky to live in the woods so my walks are along beautiful paths in the countryside. Before I headed out the sun was beaming down and I almost didn’t take my sweater but thankfully I did because what I noticed was, when I got to the bits of the path where the branches of the trees stretched to meet to form a canopy over the path, it was like there was no sunshine and it was rather cool. It was like there were two weather systems at play. A Mediterranean one where there was no canopy and you could be anywhere in Portugal, and a typical British one where there was the canopy and it was overcast.


This got me thinking about how appearances can be deceptive and that what you see and feel and not necessarily what is truly going on. (I know, I know, I can’t help but get philosophical on my walks, I am just built like that.) The truth was, it was a beautiful sunny day with a bit of a cool breeze but under the canopy in the woods, one could be fooled into thinking it was overcast and rain was imminent.


Same weather, different thoughts, different expectations. I am now going to stretch this and ask you to think about the leaves and branches forming the canopy in the woods as our thoughts. Where you have dark shady thoughts, guess what, it looks like rain. Deep huh?


So here you are as a working mother, stretched from pillar to post, summer holidays are almost here, but the kids have to get through the exams first and it is stressful for everyone. You are in your head, are you giving them enough support? Are they eating and sleeping well enough to keep those brain cells active? You find yourself asking why you didn’t introduce more discipline into their routine before the exams? Meanwhile, at work, your boss has got other ideas about demanding more from you. Or your business is not quite accelerating at the rate you would like it to. You don’t remember the last time you exercised, you just don’t have enough hours in the day! You are constantly collapsing in a heap at the end of the day on the sofa and just want to be left the hell alone.


But no such luxury for you, your partner is giving you the eye and you are rolling your eyes in your head thinking REALLY? What planet are they on? Can’t they see how exhausted you are? Do you really have to spell it out? When is someone going to put your needs first for once?


These are the sort of thoughts that form your canopy and make you feel like it is about to rain rather than, it is summer let’s get the bucket and spade out.


Here is a little interesting tidbit. Unless you get the ovaries to put your needs first, everyone else is preoccupied with their own survival.


Is there a way to come out of the canopy and bask in the sunshine? You bet! And it can be as easy as deciding not to stay under the canopy, put one foot in front of the other and before you know it, you are in the sunshine and having a tan. Can you allow yourself to see that?


The children have exams, but both you and they are chilled about. They have done their prep and they are anchored in your confidence in them and in you because you model success for them daily. They see mum pull it out of the bag. Mum has got a demanding job and she discharges her responsibilities like she was born to do this and they assimilate that confidence from you. Burnout, what burnout? You feel strong in your body, you don’t allow stress to overwhelm you because you understand about not living under the canopy so you manage your thoughts and come out into the sunshine. People love to be in your company because they love the way you do life.


You know my ramblings mostly end in a dare so I dare you to be that woman who comes out from under the canopy and lives in the sunshine and has the thriving kids, the amazing relationships, a fabulous body and a career to die for. If you are not having it all, you are not living right.


Want to find out how to come out from under the canopy? Grab a free slot in my diary here and let’s chat.


Your fabulous life awaits!