Why you should take advantage of this Leap Year and leap for the stars!

2020 is a Leap Year and I could go into all the mathematical reasons why it is a leap year but that is boring. What is rather interesting though is how everyone gets excited about women being able to propose to men. In this day and age of gender equality, you would be forgiven for thinking that no one cares who is proposing to whom, but you would be very wrong. There are lots of relationships that will be shaken to their core on the last day of February, for better or for worse.

A leap year is different when it comes to women. For once we are cast in a good light where we are taking the initiative, as opposed to other tales in folklore where we come off as unhinged in some way. So, I say why not go for it in a big way? Take advantage of the leap year momentum and push yourself outside your comfort zone and leap for the stars.
What have you been wanting to do but are too afraid to do, or think you will be no good at it, or it is for other people and not you?


• A promotion
• Change career
• Start a business
• Write that book
• Do a triathlon
• A new hairstyle
• Go on holiday on your own
• Asking someone you fancy out
• Learn that new skill
• Do stand-up comedy
• Go vegan


Maybe you have been waiting for permission to do what you want. Well, the only person qualified to give you permission is yourself. So, are you going to take the lid off your ambitions or what?
Research shows that people who take risks are more likely to be happier with their lives than those that don’t. You don’t want to be looking back in however many years thinking “I wish I had taken that chance”. The good thing about taking a risk is that it is always a win/win. OK so you might not get the result you want but you will learn something valuable in the process and skip having to live with regret. Below are some more benefits of taking risks to get you to take the leap:


1. You learn to live outside your comfort zone where the magic happens
2. You learn new skills
3. You become more confident
4. You become more creative
5. You stumble upon more opportunities


Your New Year’s resolutions are behind you, by now you know what you are not going to stick with. Here is your chance to start something new again with renewed vim and vigour.
One of my heroes, Helen Keller said: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Are you going to use this Leap Year to engage life as a daring adventure or what?