Why You Keep Stagnating In Your Work/Life Balance

I decided this morning to go for my normal morning walk in my walking boots rather than my off-road trainers. I love my off-road trainers, they are light and have good grip and allow me to walk fast in the woods but they are not waterproof. My walking boots however are sturdy and waterproof and allow me to roll over anything in my way and even step into puddles without getting wet which is one of my favourite things to do. It just makes me feel invincible.


So why am I telling you about my footwear? Well, this morning, unbeknownst to me, it had been raining in the night and there were puddles everywhere! What made me decide to go in my walking boots I will never know but as I was walking I noticed that where there were really bad puddles, other walkers seemed to have beaten other paths around the main path to avoid the puddles. The problem with these puddle avoidance paths apart from the fact that they were long was that they were surrounded by nettles so being stung was inevitable.


So, in a bid to avoid getting wet because people didn’t have the right footwear, they took the longer route and got stung by nettles for their troubles. I, on the hand, because I had my waterproof walking boots just sailed through the puddles, kept dry and sting-free.


I couldn’t help but notice the parallels with how we deal with our lives’ challenges. You run into a problem like working long hours which makes you feel like you are ignoring your kids and your health and your partner complains about you having no time for them and it all ends in a big fight with you beating yourself up even more. So what do you do?


Rather than getting the walking boots out, that is the equivalent of getting the help and strategies that you need to walk head-on through the problems, confronting, mastering and even enjoying the process as you go along, you decide to take the avoidance path. Maybe read a book or start a new diet, start all sorts of new lifestyle changes and give up in a month’s time feeling defeated. Then before you know it, you are stuck in the nettles, being stung mercilessly by the kids misbehaving, you losing your confidence, perhaps even being sidelined at work and your love life being a battle zone.


My question to you is, how long are you going to go on like this? Haven’t you had enough of the nettles?


Imagine coming across a challenge and deciding this time it is going to be different. This time you are going to get what you need to support you to make the right choices and to stick with them until you make the transformation.


There is a transformed version of you waiting to burst out. That version is crushing it at work and is held out as the expert. Your children know that this version of you loves them no matter what and you are their first port of call for any challenges they face. This version is their role model and they want to be like you when they grow up. Your partner thinks this version is the bee’s knees and who can blame them, this version just looks good. Can you see this woman who is dying to come out?


Well, this woman is waiting for you to give her a chance. The question is when are you going to?


Your magnificent life awaits!