Why Twitter’s Decision To Abolish Remote Working Is Insane

I am so angry at an article I have just read on Medium justifying Elon Musk’s decision to abolish remote working at Twitter. Why is it that people behave in such sycophantic ways towards people who make a lot of money even when they speak absolute tosh? Elon Musk may be the world’s richest man but money is not only one measure of a man’s wealth and does not in any way make for a truly successful and fulfilled life!


One of the things that used to drive me demented when I worked in corporate was the fact that it was not the right thing that got done but what the highest-paid person in the room wanted. I used to find it galling that some underlings would know the best course of action but would either not pipe up and even if they mustered the courage to, they would be completely shut down with everyone agreeing with the boss.


This insanity is called politics in the workplace apparently and it is what makes the corporate world go round. To be politically astute to get any senior positions in the corporate world, one had to play this game of the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’. This means, understanding the pecking order, knowing your place, and making the boss look good.                                                                           


I personally found this soul-crushing and absolutely hated ‘playing the game’ in my corporate life but it was the only way to get anywhere. It is also how decisions get made that is why a lot of bad expensive decisions get made in the workplace to the detriment of profitability. This is also why it makes my blood boil to hear about the Twitter debacle about remote working.


I bet a lot of men in suits stood around and validated Elon Musk while this decision was made. Elon doesn’t believe in remote working and thinks that everyone should work at least 40 hours in the office and do the rest remotely if they want! How could they arrive at a decision like this? Were there no human beings in the room? Have they not been reviewing the statistics, if not here is one from Harvard to help them with their decision-making. But more importantly, were there no women or parents in the room when this decision was being made? Where was the moral courage?


This is such a lazy way to try and reduce cost and increase productivity and it is also not sustainable because we are not living in the dark ages anymore. Yes, they will get some people to work 40 hours in the office but how diverse will that workforce be? How many millennials and Gen-Zs will put up with that and for how long? They don’t care about the money, they care about their mental health and the planet. 


How can Twitter be so out of touch? How many parents can work with such inflexibility without burning out? There have already been mass walkouts of staff according to Bloomberg from Twitter but if you ask me, this is only the beginning and they are walking into a long-term staff retention problem that will hit their bottom line.


Also, abolishing remote working is such a backward step it beggars belief that it has been implemented at Twitter. Elon Musk is obviously not interested in attracting the best talent to his organisation, just those who can work inflexibly and whose only objective in life is to make money rather than live a full life. Imagine working in such a place, devoid of any humanity.


Someone needs to tell the world’s richest man that he is not infallible and he is making a big mistake with the way he is treating this staff. He may be getting away with it in the short term but the world is watching. People that care about the planet who buy his precious Tesla are watching. For someone like him, I guess it is only profitability and share prices that count, well you just have to look at the share price of Tesla to see that things are not heading in the right direction.


This has been a personal rant on my part and in some way an indulgence, but this is for all the years in the corporate world where I felt I couldn’t speak up for the right thing. Bad things happen when good people do not speak up. Here is our chance to do the right thing.


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