Why Gratitude Is The Secret To A Happy Life

I woke on Saturday morning not sure of how I was feeling, so rather than go down that rabbit hole, I decided to focus on things that made me smile and be grateful. This is what I noticed:


While having a shower, I noticed how lovely the warm water felt on my skin and how I could have stayed in the shower forever.


Did I mention how fantastic the weather was? This is England and we like to whinge about the weather but there is something magical about being able to head out in sandals with no jumper and feel the sun on your skin. 


I had to go into town to get some bits and pieces and as I started my car, the Bluetooth connection kicked in, my Spotify playlist came on and one of my favourite songs started playing. All I had done was start my car and all this magic happened! So off I went to town bopping to songs that elevated me. Yes, I was that mad woman dancing at the wheel of my car. 


At this point, there was no doubt as to how I was feeling.


When I got into the multi-storey car park in the town centre, I was expecting it to be packed at that time of day and it was but then I spied a spot in a corner and backed into it. Result! But then I had parked next to a pillar so getting out was quite tight as there wasn’t much space. Out came my lambada moves to slither out of the car. It is not every day at my age that I get to lambada out of my car and there are people younger than me who want to be can’t. I was keeping my gratitude lens firmly on.


I went to the health food store to pick up some supplements for my husband and the moment I entered, I was jumped on by a shop assistant who was keen to show me where everything was. It can be hard to find stuff in that shop so I was very grateful for her assistance. Then when I got to the checkout because my purchases were more than a certain value, I got a free jumbo jar of Vitamin C tablets. Could this day get any better?


I noticed I was hungry as it was now approaching lunchtime so I decided to go for some miso soup and sushi as I didn’t want anything heavy. The sushi place had decided that you could now only order using one of those self-service machines. While fighting with the machine, I saw an older woman just give up and walk towards the exit. A customer standing there with his dog asked if she wanted any help with the machine as he was waiting for his daughter. She declined his help and left. With my gratitude lens, I felt grateful to have witnessed that act of kindness.


I later found myself sitting next to the kind man and his daughter while I quaffed my miso soup. I told him how nice it was of him to offer to help the old lady. We then had a good whinge about how everything is electronic these days and then I left him to concentrate on his daughter. I was grateful for the sense of connection.


Then, here is the second and last best bit of my day. It was a market day and of course, there were stalls everywhere, then I walked past one stall with a beautiful orange summer dress. I was going to a friend’s barbeque later on, so of course, nothing but that dress would do as orange is my favourite colour. Plus, goodness only knew when I was going to get a chance to wear a summer dress again. This being a market stall, there was nowhere for me to try on the dress but it fits like a glove when I got home. This day just kept on giving!


Okay, so now to the real best bit. I am a bit of a baker so for the bbq that was going to, my friend asked me to bring dessert. I had cut it too fine and didn’t have time to make dessert but I knew of a market stall for baked goods. No one would know I didn’t make it because it was from the market and wouldn’t have any supermarket packaging! 


They had a complete tray of oreo cheesecake. I got there and told the stall owner I would have the whole tray which caused some surprised looks so I had to explain it was for a party. Just as she was getting a box to put in it, someone came up and wanted to buy a slice and I had to tell her I bought the whole tray and she stormed off. This made me smile because I realised that if I had arrived a few minutes later, I would have had to contend with an incomplete tray and what self-respecting baker takes an incomplete tray to a party? Was my gratitude for this day never going to end?


At the party, everyone marvelled at my cheesecake-making abilities and how lovely it tasted and in the end, I had to ‘fess up that I bought it from the market. Still, they all thought I was a genius for a while.


I woke up feeling dodgy, decided to don my gratitude lens and voila, life took a completely different turn. Next time you wake on the wrong side of the bed, try it.


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