What To Do When Life Is Threatening To Overwhelm You

I must write a book about stories on my walks as I seem to open most of my articles with something that happened on my walk. Anyway, here is another one.


Last week, on one of my morning walks, I was approaching this part of my walking route where the branches of trees along either side of the path reach out almost as if to touch hands. I looked up further ahead in the distance but my view was somewhat obstructed by the branches. I could make out a huge dark, tall creature, broad at the base but thin on top, almost as tall as the trees, approaching. This was frightening and disorientating as my brain couldn’t figure out what it was. 


I could feel my survival instincts kick in and the adrenaline rushing to my extremities to mobilise my flight as whatever was approaching was way too big for me to attempt to fight. I looked behind me and there was someone else walking in my direction but a fair distance away and I thought it would look fairly stupid if I went charging back to them in a mad panic and frightening the life out of them without figuring out what was really approaching me.


So, I focused my gaze on the approaching creature as it was getting closer and I could by now hear its hooves on the path and I figured out it was a horse with a rider! Anyone who has been in close proximity to a horse knows that they are huge things. This one was a rather beautiful and very well-tempered horse called Charlie, and I was quite friendly with its rider as I had met them a few times on different paths. When they got closer, they stopped, I said hello to the rider, gave Charlie a few strokes because he likes that and they carried on their merry way, completely obvious to the panic they had caused me. 


You know I tell you this story to draw a parallel with life so here goes:


Sometimes, something is approaching or happening in our lives which is rather large and is threatening to overwhelm us completely. We get frightened and want to run in the other direction because we predict that it is going to be a disaster. Yet, research shows that most of the things that we dread, never actually happen. In fact a lot of the disasters that we should really dread, we don’t even see coming. Who saw Covid coming? One minute there was a breakout in Wuhan and the next, we were in global lockdown!


So, rather than stressing ourselves out with something we perhaps only have half of the information about and projecting the worst-case scenario, how about adjusting our focus and our capabilities and dealing with it head-on?


You could be stuck in the worst job, relationship, illness or having problems with the children. Rather than stressing yourself about it alarming everyone else in the process, how about getting clear on the facts? Is it a friendly horse or a deadly creature that is going to devour you?


To win at life is not to be afraid of your challenges; as life is made up of a series of challenges. It is to know that you have what it takes to deal with your challenges and to develop the confidence to meet your challenges head-on. That is what makes you a badass.


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