What did you Resurrect this Easter?

Easter has been and gone. Tonnes of chocolate has been consumed. For once the weather played ball over the bank holiday weekend and we had 4  beautiful days in a row. Surely that can’t be right? I even found myself having an impromptu barbecue to everyone’s surprise.

Easter for me marks about a quarter of the way through the year and a good time to take stock of where we are so far. We all started the year enthusiastic with resolutions and new determinations. Where are we now? What have we discarded since the beginning of the year? What do we need to resurrect?

• Resolutions discarded along the way
• Long lost dreams
• That book that we know we have to read
• The exercise regime that fell by the wayside
• Trying to get in 8 hours sleep every night
• Cutting out sugar
• Doing more recycling
• Being more present
• Establishing a meditation routine

What do you need to go and resurrect?

Life is like that, where you start something and after a short while it falls into the ‘too difficult’ category and then it falls by the way side. What are you going to allow to fall by the way side? Somethings are too important to let slip.

Whatever you have let slip, Easter is a good time to review and resurrect. If it is important to you, go and resurrect it. There is no shame in starting and falling off the wagon. Most of life is falling off the wagon and getting back on it. The tragedy is when you don’t get back on it for something that is important to you. The tragedy is allowing shame to stop you from getting back on it. The tragedy is thinking, if you liked it or were any good at it you wouldn’t have fallen off the wagon. That is wrong thinking.

Wrong thinking is the sort of thinking that keeps you in the same place you have been that you don’t want to be in. It keeps you trapped in the same cycle for years and before you know it, you are caught in the regret trap thinking ‘if only’. Don’t let wrong thinking stop you from getting back on the wagon and resurrecting whatever needs to be resurrected. In my book: Octopus on a Treadmill, Women, Success, Health, Happiness I explain about the importance of managing your thoughts. You need to get on top of them before they get on top of you.

Go at your goals, resolutions or whatever it is for you, with the same enthusiasm you had at the beginning of the year and consider Easter as a time check and not a performance check. Cut yourself some slack and allow yourself to fall and then get back on the wagon again.

This is life, it ain’t pretty when you are trying to make a change, go after a new dream or challenge yourself in ways you have never done before. It also isn’t easy, that is why you will fall off the wagon, but you need to get back on, even when you don’t want to, especially when you don’t feel like it. Most of the time, when you don’t feel like it, it is your fear of success holding you back, convincing you that you will be no good because you didn’t succeed the first time. Don’t give in. You haven’t failed, you just have succeeded yet. Give it time.

Have a big fat Easter egg and get back on that sugar free eating regime you promised yourself. This is the time to do your time check and re-engage. Go on, I am right there with you as we battle to face our challenges.

Have a good week.