Welcome To Gifty’s New Blog

Here goes. I have got  lot of things in my head that have been swirling around for at least two decades. I have finally been persuaded to blog (mainly due to the fact people close to me think I am going to self-combust and they fear it will not be a pretty sight.) What am I going to blog about I hear you say? Everything and anything that makes life go round but below are the things that get me excited!!!!

  • Women’s issues (Can’t help it I happen to be a woman)
  • Spirituality (Yoga, meditation, healing and anything of that ilk)
  • Business (Although that can sound too much like work so I will limit it unless it makes me laugh)
  • Cooking (when I can fit in)
  • Books, books and more books, I can read until my eyes fall out and I am convinced Amazon’s profits are solely down to me:)
  • Children (I have two boys God bless them, I am sure one day they will blog about having me as their mother!!!)
  • Dogs (I have two Labradors, I feed them walk them but they keep running away, can’t think why.)
  • Husband (yes I have one of those too and the fact that he came after the dogs in this list is not Freudian in any way but currently I am sure that is how he feels in the attention stakes, poor love.)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am interested in all the above things and as a working mother who is constantly spinning her wheels with husband, children, dogs working full time with a business on the side, writing this blog is just pure indulgence in creativity for me.  You see, as part of an experiment I am currently performing on myself, I have to pay attention to my creativity which I must admit has been stifled at best and ignored at worst. So what is this experiment? All will be revealed. Patience, my dear, patience.

I hope you enjoy your time here.