Want The New Anti-Ageing Drug that The Scientists Are Raving About? Invest in Your Psychological Health!

We all want to look good and young forever. For women, the pressure is always on us to look good. You are judged by your appearance and ageing badly is not a good look. The anti-ageing industry is worth billions.


With Christmas around the corner, goodness only knows how many of us are going to end up with lotions and potions that cost an arm and leg under the Christmas tree. Whether these potions work is beside the point, there is a quest to look young or at the very minimum arrest the ageing process which means that people will try anything that promises to do that.


Well, seeing as we are all in the festive spirit, good tidings I bring. New research from Yale confirms that stress makes you age faster. I think we all sort of knew that on some level anyway but here is the good news, the research also confirms that the effects of stress can be minimised through emotion regulation and self-control.


What is emotion regulation I hear you ask? When you are stressed out and your emotions are all over the place, you are convinced everything and everyone is out to get you. This puts cortisol levels off the charts, you will not exactly be doing your blood pressure or your heart any favours either. In short, when you are stressed, you are not headed to positive health outcomes. You need to control your emotions if you want to live long and look good.


Now to self-control. The other thing about stress is that it makes you less inclined to do the things that are good for you like exercising and eating a healthy diet. Think about it, when was the last time you exercised when you were feeling depressed? Staying under the duvet and bingeing on chocolate seems the only viable choice. So self-control goes out of the window and before you know it you are misshapen and look 105 years old.


If you are a woman in any sort of professional capacity, looking misshapen and 105 years is the recipe for getting sidelined. I don’t care what anyone says about diversity and inclusion but we are not there yet, and until we do, you have to look the part.


That is bad news out of the way. If you want to look good and live long, manage your emotions and exercise self-control but we all know that is easier said than done. There are a bunch of people gearing up for a new year’s resolution that will be abandoned even before they have had a chance to bed in.


Scientists can come up with all the research that they want. If you don’t have the tools in place to help you actually practise emotion regulation and self-control on a daily basis, you might as well resort to the snake oil under the Christmas tree.


So how many organisations, when they are looking at their training and self-development requirements are there thinking we need to invest in psychological health? Never mind the organisations, how many people are doing that for themselves?


Well, in this age of information, ignorance is no longer an excuse. We all deserve to look good and feel good in our bodies as it affects the quality of our lives. You don’t want to age before your time. You don’t want people to withhold opportunities from you because of the way you look. You owe it to yourself to enjoy your life and be full of energy and not miss out on your life because you were too stressed and made yourself sick.


You know what to do, learn how to manage your emotions and learn self-control. The question is will you do it?


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