The Tug of War: Prioritising Career or Children? Finding the Perfect Balance

The choice between prioritising a career over children is something that working mothers have to face down everyday. Women have been battling this problem since forever so let’s dive in head first. 


Picture this.


A working mother who is constantly juggling between her demanding career and her beloved children. 

She’s overwhelmed, stressed, and exhausted. 

She finds it challenging to give her children the time, attention, and care they need. Quality family time is scarce, and she feels guilty for missing out on precious moments. 

It’s a real conundrum, my friends, and did I mention her relationship is paying the price as well?


Now, let’s stir the pot a little bit.

Imagine what could happen if this problem persists. If the working mother continues to prioritise her career over her children, the consequences could be disheartening. The children may feel neglected, unloved, or unseen, which can lead to emotional distress and affect their overall development. Do we need more disaffected children?


The mother herself may experience burnout, a sense of regret, and a strain on her relationship with her kids. The family dynamics could become strained, and the deep bonds they once shared might suffer. This was not the dream that she thought she would be building. Dysfunctional kids, relationship breakdown, and her health paying the price. Why or why is she always so damn time-poor???


Fear not, dear mothers, for there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The key to resolving this dilemma lies in finding a healthy balance between career and family. Imagine a world where you prioritise both your career aspirations and your children’s well-being. A world where your self-care is not an afterthought because you factor yourself into the equation. You have a clear understanding that quality time spent with your little ones is priceless and irreplaceable. You easily strike a balance by setting boundaries, delegating tasks, and seeking support when needed. Others look at you and simply wonder, ‘How does she do it so effortlessly?’


In this new world, you are fully present for your children’s milestones, cheering them on during school games, and actively engaging in their lives. You establish open lines of communication, fostering strong connections that bring them closer. You inspire your children with your dedication and passion for your career while also imparting valuable life lessons about love, empathy, and the importance of balance.


Do you think this is utopia or do you think this way of living can be accessible to you? Let me encourage you to strive for a harmonious blend of career and family life. Let me support you in finding creative solutions because it can be done and yes, by you. Those who do it are no more human than you.


Together, we can create a world where working mothers thrive professionally and create lasting memories with their children. Cheers to a future where both career and family flourish side by side!


Your magnificent life awaits!