The 5-Step Strategy Any Busy Professional Mum Can Use To Beat Burnout, Have Happy Kids, And Rapidly Advance Her Career …

(Without playing office politics, or spending evenings and weekends working.)


On this masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • The exact game plan my ambitious professional working mum clients use to PERMANENTLY eliminate stress and burnout, while putting themselves in the prime position for the next promotional pay raise.

  • How any professional Mum can perfectly balance motherhood and career demands without ever skipping a beat, while still getting that much needed ME time.

  • The real reason why working long hours and networking like crazy are NOT good strategies to register on the boss’s radar or to secure that promotion or pay raise – despite what the so-called modern-day career gurus are advising.

  • How they are ending the debilitating feelings of inadequacy, guilt and burnout, so they rise up in their careers, while having an even better relationship with their kids and partners.

  • How my clients are rekindling their most cherished relationships, dropping dress sizes along the way, feeling the best they’ve ever felt in their bodies, while still pursuing a demanding career.

  • AND… how they do all this while dropping the guilt, without letting ANYONE down, even if they’ are born perfectionists!