Shea Butter and Lavendar

Yesterday on my way home from the office I decided to refill my cup of herbal tea with hot water and accidentally spilled 100 degrees boiling water all over my hand. It was sheer torture driving home as I could feel my hand burning all the way home and this was after I spent a good five minutes with my hand under the tap with the cold running water. Those of you who know me well know me as Mrs organic, wholefoods all things natural. So I went home and racked my brains for something for burns and decided on shea butter mixed with a few drops of lavender essential oil. I applied this twice in the evening and it calmed the burning feeling. Anyway I expected to wake up with blisters all over the back of my hand as you get with hot water burns, well drum roll please….., there was nothing!!! Not even one blister!!! My hand is still sore and sensitive touch but I can’t get over the fact that there isn’t a single blister.  So I am  going to set a stall in St Albans market selling shea butter and lavender oil. If anyone is looking for me, I can be found with my wonky hand on the market stall.