Running, Running, Running

Ok so I don’t run, I speed walk instead as there is less sweat involved I think! Exercise just has never been my thing. I find sweating such an inconvenience that is why I like yoga and I don’t do the kind that has you twisted beyond recognition and crying for your mum either! I just do the gentle kind with postures that are easy to hit. So why is this post entitled running I hear you say, (yep, I can read minds as well)? Well, because the yoga I do is not aerobic enough, and as I am getting on bit,  I have to do something a bit more a aerobic or do a different type of yoga. I can’t be ars*d with a different type of yoga!

So about two months ago, one evening after a hard day’s work, I don’t know what possessed me but, I decided to climb the stairs rather than use the lift. I also decided from then on to park on the 4th floor every day. WTF??? Where do these ideas come from? I suppose I was helped by the fact that I didn’t like the lifts in a the car park as they felt like one of the dodgy lifts in a council block that reeked of pee and you never knew whether they were going to make it t your floor or not. Anyway this one didn’t reek of pee but you get my drift.

The first time I climbed to the fourth floor to my car, I thought I was going to die. My poor heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to pop out of my chest. As for my lungs, they were literally popping out of my nostrils!!!  Did I mention that I was dizzy as well as seeing flashing lights and all??? I had to sit in the car for a good five minutes to gather myself together to be able to face the drive home. I mentioned it to my husband when I got home and he said: ‘that doesn’t sound good.’ I wasn’t sure what I supposed to make of that. The next day I parked on the 4th floor again (utter madness) but of course going downstairs was a doddle but coming back up in the evening was the same heart popping, flashing light experience.

I have got a conference call now so I will be back to continue this saga. Hold onto your lungs for now.