Running, Running, Running Part 2


I need to give you some context. To look at me you have me down as a runner. Yep, the strong athletic fit type and I am not just being big headed here. People look at my physique and project all sorts onto me and I let them. It helps professionally but that is a whole other story . Anyway I look the way I do because I am blessed with good genes and I have always eaten well. I hate crappy food and I made my transition to whole foods at the end of last year and that was an eye opener. (I could write a whole book about this, everyone should try it) So, with good eating habits and minimum exercise I have been able to get away with a lot but I am am now getting to the age where gravity has got other ideas and is less forgiving so I just can’t get away with 20 minutes of really easy yoga and walking the dogs to have toned legs anymore. Hence my sojourn (whatever that words means it sounds good in my head for now so I am going with it, if you don’t like the context, email me and I will change it.) into the stair climbing adventure and it can only be called an adventure when they are flashing lights involved.

Where is all this going, my mind reading skills are kicking in again. Well, one of my very good friends every now and then, decides to clear out her wardrobe. Stay with me, this is still on the running theme I promise. She locks me in her house under the pretext of inviting me to dinner, and insists I try on all the stuff that don’t fit her anymore or she doesn’t want or whatever. I am the last stop before the charity shop. I suppose I should feel guilty of robbing the charity shops but when someone has given you dinner, the least you can do is try on the dresses. They are of course a worthier cause. To be honest, I actually don’t mind these periodic episodes as clothes shopping is not my forte ( I am always confused when people go shopping for fun or have it as a hobby.  (Like money and traipsing up and down shops and trying on things in changing rooms whose mirrors are designed to make everyone look fat is not part of the ordeal) Anyway I digress.  So one of the gems that came out of this marathon dress trying on session was this little black dress (LBD). I decided there then I was going to wear it to my husband’s Christmas party.

I put on my LBD in the hotel that we were staying for the party, looked in the mirror and thought: Hello, ( a la new song by Adele), who do those legs belong to??? Yep uh huh, after two months of almost killing myself on the stairs, my legs were looking the most toned I have ever seen them since high school when I was as skinny as a rake and even my lips were toned then. Plus my husband went on and on the next day about how my legs looked in that dress while I was on the dance floor. I must have had said same legs ever since he has known me, twenty years no less. Suddenly I go leaping up some stairs and my legs are now an entity in their own right. Twitter account beckons!

Call me vain but for those legs, I am willing to see all the flashing lights there are, and for my lungs to pop out of my nostrils. That said, these days when I get to the top of the stairs, I am only ever so slightly out of breath. Can you believe it? So now I have got cocky and added 4 floors in another building. So I now walk the circuitous way to my office from the car park so that I can climb up these other set of stairs. The things I will do for toned legs.

So now what has all this got to do with running? Believe it or not, I am considering it. Those who know me will be falling of their chairs at this point, but the stairs have given me this bravado. I love walking and I can walk until my legs fall off. I have walked half marathons and completed them in times that people who think they are running have completed them in. So I have the natural ability don’t get me wrong, I am just a lazy arse and can’t be bothered with this whole running malarkey so I hide behind walking the dogs and yoga.

Trouble is, it is now the Christmas break so I will not be going into the office to tackle the stairs and I don’t want to go back to seeing lights at the top of the stairs after Christmas hence the thought of running.  It is only a thought at the moment.

I had drinks with a few friends last night one of them said to me when she started running all should could was 3 minutes and she thought she was going do die but now she does 5K without stopping in 30 minutes. I guess I could start with the dogs and just run for 3 minutes and walk the rest of the way and see how I get on without the stairs.

If anyone fancies joining me drop me a mail and I will be thinking about you just so I now there is another nutter out there risking life and limb for toned legs or whatever appendage you want to tone. Wish me luck.