March 27th-29th 2020 SOLD OUT!!!

During the weekend we will focus on the four pillars of well-being; Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual.

This retreat is my real indulgence. It is part of my vision to provide a nurturing environment for women to come and rejuvenate, re-connect and re-discover their true selves. My objective is to capture some of the support women found in the ancient moon lodge cultures mentioned in my book. These cultures honoured the fact that women need a week out of every month for self-care and built their social structures around that. Our modern culture has no time for that and we are paying the price for that with our poor health and high stress levels.

This time with me is when you get to take time out for yourself because you deserve it and you are worth it. A lot of women, especially mothers just don’t make any time for themselves. They spend their lives in service to their family and career until their children leave home or their careers end. This is no way to live. Carving out time for your self-care is a need and until you realise that, your life will be out of balance.

Come and spend this magical weekend with me in the company of an intimate group of no more than 5 other like minded women on the same journey for wellness in a home setting in the middle of the woods in the beautiful Hertfordshire country side. I have walked the walk and lived everything in my book and this is the opportunity to see me put it together for you to experience how easy it is to live well when you make the choice to prioritise your well-being.

Surrounded by the picturesque woodlands and rolling fields of green we can embark on a journey of self discovery and you will leave on Sunday with a new set of skills that will transform your lifestyle. I will show you the secrets to a more balanced and present life, not to mention that we will make some new friends for life and have a really good laugh in the process. This to me is a grown up pyjamas party with new friends where we let our hair down in a safe supportive environment.

Topics to include:

  • How to eat consciously using food for fuel and medicine for the body
  • Working with your cycle to better prepare for your emotional and physical responses
  • Sleep analysis
  • Plan an exercise regime that works for you and your body
  • How to de-clutter your environment
  • How to manage your emotional health
  • Yoga and meditation practices for stress management
  • Planning and cooking healthy and nutritious meals for you and you family
  • How to nurture your growth mindset
  • How to unleash the goddess within you

The point of this retreat is to take you through a holistic and balanced way of living the principles outlined in my book, where your goals and your actions are aligned to your purpose, and therefore your life. This means you are not living your life against yourself and you are not leaving any part of yourself neglected.

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27th-29th March 2020


£395.00 per person, all meals included based on twin share.


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2020 Spring Retreat Schedule

Activities will include:
Cooking and baking (watching me cook while we chat) our own organic wholefoods meals.
Early morning yoga/walks in the beautiful country side.
Guided meditation sessions
1:1 private sessions with me where you ask me whatever you want.





Address: 9 School Lane, Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, AL23XS


Situated on the picturesque Munden Estate in Hertfordshire, down a country lane, The Coach House is located in a large garden in the middle of the woods.


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Dietary Requirements:

All meals at the retreat will be home-cooked and made from organic produce and wholefoods based. If you have any additional dietary requirements please contact us here


All retreats guests will arrive after 4pm on Friday and departure will be at 2pm on Sunday. Accommodation will be provided on a twin share basis in our private coach house. You will be sharing with your fellow attendees and all meals and refreshments will be included.

What to bring:



Clothes for muddy walks

Yoga / exercise clothes

Yoga mat

A good book


Small towel


Water bottle

Comfy shoes


What is provided:

Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks






“Life is about balance. You have to discover your values and find what makes you tick and causes your heart to sing.”  Gifty Enright