Oh Mother!

It was international women’s day last Thursday and Mother’s Day yesterday and the news is saturated by all things women. Of course I had to join in the excitement and launch my book ‘Octopus on a Treadmill: Women, Success, Health, Happiness’ on International Women’s day as well. This indeed is a great time to be a woman. What with the ‘me too’ and ‘time’s up’ movements, our voices couldn’t be louder.

If you have read my book, you know I am about all things women and there is nothing that says women more than motherhood. So, for those of you who woke up on Sunday and had your dream of breakfast in bed morphed into burnt toast and something else unrecognisable, masquerading as breakfast, you should count yourself blessed. No doubt you ate your ‘feast’ enthusiastically because the troops had been up since the crack of dawn conjuring it up and if you are nothing at all, you are gracious.

Count yourself blessed because not everyone has the privilege to be a mother. Some people battle for years and throw in the towel. Some people find their path to motherhood through adoption or fostering. How ever you get there, motherhood is the gift we get given to be able to shape the path of another soul on this earth. There is research to show that the mother’s mental state is what most affects a person’s overall sense of well-being. We play such a pivotal role that a lot of the time this translates into pressure and stress because we recognise our responsibility. Needless to say, motherhood doesn’t come with a manual either, so we must learn as we go along, which is no mean feat.

Unfortunately, commercialism has taken over this beautiful sentiment of celebrating mothers. I went shopping on Saturday and in one shop I just had to abandon my purchases as the queue was snaking round the isles. I have a lot going on the moment, not to mention the small matter of launching a book, did I mention that already? Please indulge me as these things don’t happen every day. Anyway things are quite manic round mine now so my husband, anticipating the madness, got me my Mother’s Day present two days earlier. I got a pair of slippers; my favourite pair was in tatters and I badly needed a replacement pair. I know, I know some people want flowers and chocolate and the like, I am a slippers kind of girl. Plus, I am in that stage in my relationship where big gestures are no longer required. A pair of slippers says it just as well as a trip to Paris. To be honest, I prefer the slippers and my husband prefers the trip to Paris, I can’t think why!

My sons however, completely forgot about Mother’s Day which is quite surprising as the schools these days make such a big deal about Mother’s Day, so I am not sure how they managed to forget. That said, my youngest was the first to download my book on his kindle as soon as he heard it was available for pre-order. That melted my heart and no Mother’s Day present was needed I guess. I shared a special moment with my eldest when we did a 10-minute meditation session together to help him with this concentration for his upcoming exams. I don’t know how many almost 18-year olds will allow their mother to wake them up early on a Sunday morning for a meditation session. The fact that I still have that access to him, is very special indeed. He heads off to university in September so my days with him at home are truly numbered. He may have forgotten about mother’s day but the best present he could have given me was that shared meditation session. He may have fidgeted throughout the session but that is beside the point.

So, I am not lamenting my lack of burnt toast on Sunday morning, or cards with their scratchy writing professing undying love for me. I am focusing on the fact that I am in their life and have the privilege to contribute to the shaping of the journey of their souls on this earth. Not everyone gets to do this most important of jobs.

For those of you who got the usual Mother’s Day paraphernalia, (I am not jealous, honest?), I hope you learn to see beyond them and see the love and awesome woman that you are. Now after all that high mindedness, I am off to remind my children they forgot it was Mother’s Day! Someone has to teach them manners. Their future partners will not be that forgiving.