I was born in Kumasi, the ancient capital of the Ashanti people in Ghana, I have lived for the past thirty-five years in Hertfordshire in the UK. I am married with two children and two Labradors.

I moved to the UK, trained as an accountant, crossed over into Information Technology and after years of providing consulting services to multinationals on major transformation programmes and navigating the workplace as a working mother and making myself ill in the process, I decided there was a better way to live. This sent me on a journey of self-discovery and research into women’s health in diverse cultures and the science behind it which culminated in my book ‘Octopus on a Treadmill: Women, Success, Health and Happiness’. It is about how to maintain balance and not lose yourself, while spinning all the plates as a woman and particularly as a working mother.

I have travelled extensively throughout Europe, the Americas, across Asia and Africa and have spent the last twenty years studying the hectic life of the busy working mother and the effects it has on women and their health (physical, mentally emotional, and spiritual).

I now work as an author, public speaker and coach, specialising in women and wellbeing. If you were looking for the stereotypical busy, stressed-out working mother spinning her wheels, that was me. I lived this stereotype and have now written about my hard-earned wisdom and my mission is to help other women avoid the pitfalls.

I marry the science of the West, Eastern philosophy, and the wisdom of Africa in my approach to women’s lifestyles. I see myself as a female explorer and I am forever intrigued by wisdom from different traditions that enhances the wellbeing of women.