My Winter Warmers

Last week we were beset with snow. Well, some of us were, others just had to contend with pictures of snow on the telly. The schools sent the emails about the impending snow and got the kids all whipped up about a possible day at home watching YouTube videos; only to dash their hopes at the last minute and drag them into school after all, despite the fact we had snow!

The road to my house is a single-track country lane, and any mention of snow and I am not budging from my drive; despite the neighbours’ valiant efforts to grit the lane all by themselves and me being in a possession of a 4-wheel drive. Suffice to say when it snows, I stay put. I enjoy the feeling of being snowed in. It gives me the excuse to down tools and not do much under the excuse of ‘I can’t go anywhere’.

Of course, this time that wasn’t strictly true. I could have gone out if I wanted to, as the neighbours kept reminding me that the lane had been gritted; and indeed, I did venture out, but it was to do the things I wanted to do rather than things I had to do. For example, I took the dogs out on Saturday morning. As I was slushing through the snow in the woods, and trying not to fall flat on my face, they of course had a blast. They were like ‘snow, what snow? This is just some white stuff to make running around even more fun!’. Oh, how I wish I had their attitude. Basically, whatever comes their way is an excuse for more fun.

When we came back, I put on my yoga gear and ventured out again to the hot yoga studio, some twenty minutes’ drive away. I guess it makes sense to go somewhere hot when all about you is freezing. The class was packed, it looks like everyone else had the same idea, or their new year’s resolutions had still not worn off.

After an hour and a half of yoga, I came back home and guess what? Another thing to do when all about you is freezing; jump into a hot bath. I poured myself a lovely hot bath, put my audio book on and allowed myself a full hour of uninterrupted indulgent bliss. Such luxury.

The bath was followed by a long leisurely lunch and then it was time to make a fire and just chill out in front of it. Nothing says cosy more than sitting in front of a real crackling fire and staring at the snow outside. When your eyes are telling you, ‘you should be cold’ but you are feeling warm and snug as a bug in front of a fire, there is something almost perverse about it.

In the evening came the piece de resistance; the hot steaming bowl of homemade soup. I made courgette and spinach soup with slices of baked swede. Did I mention the fire was still going? How indulgent is all this?

I had somehow managed to do my favourite things to do when I am snowed in:

  • Walk the dogs in the snow
  • Hot yoga (Like I needed an excuse!)
  • Long Bath
  • Make a fire
  • Soup


They do say the best things in life are free, well the hot yoga wasn’t free and, technically speaking, I did buy the ingredients for the soup; but who is counting? I guess the point I am making is that the things that make us feel good do not cost an arm and leg, and most of the time all it takes to feel good is a mindset.

I can feel myself becoming like the school kids, praying for the next snow day, so that I can do it all over again. Life is really good.

In my book: Octopus on a Treadmill, Women, Success, Health, Happiness, I explain about our seasons as women and how to match our activities to the seasons to get the best out of our bodies. I wasn’t technically in my winter, and those of you who have read the book will know what I am on about, but the weather outside was winter and it made sense to me to do winter activities and go with the flow. Do the same for your body and you will find yourself fighting less with fatigue and overwhelm and going more with the flow.

Enjoy your week.