Is Progress on Gender Equality At Risk Of Stalling?

According to a 32-country survey conducted by Ipsos for International Women’s day 2023, more than half of the participants (54%) agree that things have gone far enough in their country when it comes to giving women equal rights with men!


Unsurprisingly, 58% of men are more likely than women to agree with this statement. No surprises here.


But a STAGGERING 49% of women think that things have gone too far too. I don’t know who these women are and what world they live in but what this proves to me is that we have got our work cut out. We are not just recruiting male allies but we need the women perhaps even more.


Progress on gender equality remains at risk of stalling. I spent most of last week, being ‘International Women’s day’ week, criss-crossing the country, delivering one talk after another in one flash corporate auditorium after another, only to run into this statistic.


To make things worse, just as the likes of me think that we are making it easier for the younger generation to navigate the workplace by eliminating gender bias, they are busy thinking things have gone too far. It turns out, 55% of Gen Z and 57% of Millennials think this.


Still, one cannot afford to be discouraged. The younger generation can afford to think this even though we are nowhere near where we need to be because the environment in which they operate now is a kinder one. Words like ‘equity’ are now used instead of equality. This is progress indeed. They have words and escalation channels to use and they will be taken seriously.


We have evolved to a place where we are no longer looking at throwing the same resources at people and watching them sink or swim. We are looking at giving people the resources they need, and what they are capable of consuming to produce a required outcome. In this new and evolving world:


Both men and women are recruited to the cause.


Senior behaviour modelling is now a thing.


No one has to burn their bra or refuse to shave their legs to make a point.


We use fancy words like ‘diverse slate’ when it comes to recruitment.


Feminism is no longer a swear word!


This is progress indeed. Let’s not dilute our efforts because suddenly it feels like too much is being done because it isn’t. It is just the comparison of very little being done previously against the significant effort being made now to right a wrong, to bring about gender equality.


Let’s not take our foot off the pedal, now is the time to double our efforts because after all this time of putting in the significant effort, we are still at least 100 years away from gender equality according to the World Economic Forum.


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