How You Can Snatch Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat

I went to check my diary on my phone this morning to see what my day looked like and realised I had a routine hospital appointment scheduled for 9:00 am. It was 8:35 am and I live 30 minutes drive from the hospital. I had completely forgotten about this appointment and there I was in front of my bathroom mirror, in my dressing gown thinking it was all over.


The truth is, there was no way I could get dressed and leg it out of the house, into the car, break all the speed limits, that is even if the rush hour traffic would allow that, and make it to my appointment on time. I had waited a long time for this appointment, I had already postponed it once and didn’t want to do it again. Things were not looking good, so what did I do? I got dressed, and legged it into the car within 15 minutes, to do a 30-minute journey. I didn’t stand a chance, I needed the laws of physics to be turned upside down but I was going to give it a go anyway.


How many times have you looked at the facts and told yourself you don’t stand a chance?

  • That there were more qualified people than you
  • Everyone was better looking than you
  • Everyone had more experience than you
  • You would make a hash of it, fall flat on your face or show yourself up
  • No one will give you a chance.
  • You tried before and got nowhere so why will this be any different
  • You are just not the maternal type
  • Someone always swoops by at the last minute and takes what is yours.


Ever thought of any of the above? You go looking for evidence for why no one will give you a chance to justify your fears and then you don’t go for your goals. Sometimes you don’t even dare to come up with goals because what is the point?


You cannot win the race until you take part and how can you afford not to take part?


The job of your dreams is waiting for you to stop making excuses. Your children are waiting to be around a mother who is not afraid of life to show them how fun life can be. Your partner is waiting for the woman they got into a relationship with. You know, that fun-loving, daredevil, ‘life is for the taking’ woman you once were. Do you remember her? Well, she is not far away, you just have to stop looking for excuses for not going after your dream even if things have not gone your way up until now.


How can I say that so confidently? Because sometimes, you might be the only one that shows up! Believe it or not, everyone has got their demons to battle, the difference between the winners and everyone else is that they don’t allow their demons to win the day.


So, do you want to know if I got to my hospital appointment? Yes of course I did, somehow I only caught the tail end of the rush hour traffic which meant I was able to keep moving consistently until I got to my destination. I was only 6 minutes late and I was prepared to grovel to whoever would listen but guess what, there was no other patient but me. The technician who was assigned to me was running late, they apologised to me that I had to wait another 10 minutes. Can you imagine if I had stood in front of my mirror at home and just given up?


If you want to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, you have to stay in the game. We all need someone to keep us going even when it looks like there is no hope. I can do that for you. I have done it for countless women, you are no different, all you have to do is to bet on yourself.


If you want to stop talking yourself out of the game and move your life up a level, grab a free slot in my diary here and let’s chat.


Your fabulous life awaits.