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    Expert speaker working with leaders and teams on increasing productivity through wellbeing and diversity.

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What people say?

Gifty Enright delivered a captivating talk for our International Women’s Day event! She seamlessly blended articulate insights and statistics throughout, and our audience were thoroughly engaged. Her frank and candid delivery style was deeply appreciated, making for a fantastic session that resonated long after it concluded.

 – Amy Farr – Xero Ltd

Speaker. Author. Coach. Visionary

Transforming Workplaces Into Havens of Productivity, Creativity & Wellbeing





A Champion for Change and a Conduit for Growth



Dive into Gifty’s world, where she shares her enriching insights on Wellbeing and Diversity and their inextricable link to Productivity. Witness how she harnesses the power of research and wisdom traditions to disrupt workplace norms to:
  • Create a Vibrant & Productive Workforce
  • Enhance Wellbeing
  • Empower Leaders
  • Foster Diversity & Inclusive Cultures
With three decades of expertise in business transformations, coupled with her own journey of personal and professional development, Gifty stands as a testament as to the power and productivity derived from Wellbeing. She’s engaging, humorous, insightful, impactful, authentic, and empowering.
Through her powerful narratives and hands-on experiences, Gifty illustrates the crucial role of a wellbeing and diversity in achieving success. Her stories and strategies provide practical tools for overcoming barriers, nurturing resilience, and leading transformative change in any organisation.
If you’re seeking to inspire your teams, ignite motivation, and lead with courage and innovation, Gifty is the speaker who will not only meet but exceed your expectations. Let her guide your organisation in redefining challenges as opportunities to excel and exceed your ambitions.

The Speaker

How is Gifty Different?

In a rapidly changing corporate environment, businesses face additional challenges like remote work dynamics, ageing workforce, mental health crisis and relentless innovation pressures. To thrive, organisations need resilient and adaptable teams. Gifty’s expertise in workplace wellbeing, blending diverse cultural philosophies, provides your organisation with the tools and mindset to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth.
Her innovative integration of Western science, Eastern philosophy, and African wisdom distinguishes her approach.

The Difference

A Global Authority on Workplace Wellbeing

Gifty Enright is a recognised thought leader in workplace wellbeing, with a pioneering approach that has positively disrupted numerous sectors. Her innovative ‘How to Think’ keynotes inspire leaders, educators, and CEOs to create inclusive, dynamic, and productive work environments.

Real-World Experience

With extensive corporate experience and a dynamic media presence, Gifty redefines productivity and success for corporate leaders worldwide. Her book, “Octopus On A Treadmill,” praised by Dame Joanna as ‘a must-read for all working mothers,’ has received global acclaim. Gifty has shared her insights at top universities like Oxford, delivered TEDx talks, and contributed to TV programs such as ‘Good Morning Britain.’

Overcoming Adversity

From a childhood in a developing country to adulthood in England, Gifty’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination. She has navigated cultural shifts and personal challenges, dedicating her life to helping others thrive. Her TEDx Talk delves into how embracing wellbeing practices transformed her life and career from a burnt-out working mother to wellness.

Transformational Impact 

Gifty’s talks are not just inspiring—they drive meaningful action. She empowers employees to manage themselves for a balanced life while excelling professionally, guides managers to get the best out of their teams, and helps executives develop effective strategies. Her workshops and leadership coaching build strong, supportive connections within organisations.

The Coach

Gifty is a dedicated coach specialising in wellbeing for leaders and empowering working mothers to move out of burnout. With her unique blend of Western science, Eastern philosophy, and African wisdom, Gifty provides transformative coaching which examines the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life. Her holistic approach fosters resilience, balance, and success in both personal and professional realms.

The Author

Octopus on A Treadmill: Women, Success, Health, Happiness

Gifty Enright, like so many modern women, leads a busy hectic life.
Her experiences as a working mother in the corporate world, navigating the challenges and pitfalls of her journey from burnout to balance are catalogued in her book: ‘Octopus On A Treadmill: Women, Health, Success, Happiness’.
She believes her purpose is to help women stand in their power.

Women. Success. Health. Happiness.

Are you a busy working mother who’s tired of being tired? Are you wondering what happened to the vibrant woman you were? Park the pills and pick up this roadmap to health and wellbeing now!
“Every working mother needs to read this book, if for nothing else, to know that you are not alone and to have a good laugh, as it is hilarious in parts. I wish I’d had this book when I was starting out – it is a celebration of all women’.’ Joanna Lumley, OBE

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My book

My book

'Octopus on a treadmill: Women, Health, Health, Happiness.



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