From Twisted Ankles to Triumph: The Journey of Overcoming Adversity

Yesterday I had to attend an event in central London. For some bizarre reason, I got the time wrong and realized on my drive to the train station that I was running about 30 minutes into my contingency and that with the slightest of hiccups, I would be late. Luckily this wasn’t a speaking engagement or anything, I was an event attendee so the worst thing would be me shuffling in late and perhaps not getting a good seat.


The thing is, I hate being late! Punctuality is very important to me and I get really cross when people take my time for granted. But here I was, on the verge of being late and there was nothing I could do about it but to keep going. I had gone to the trouble of getting dressed for the event and I was damned if I was going to miss it.


I got to the train station and someone just pulled out of a parking space and I got a space easily so I thought perhaps, just perhaps, I might be able to make up the time. I was buying my ticket as the train was pulling in and by the time, I had finished fighting the ticket barriers and anticipated running in my high heels, the train had pulled out of the station. I had missed the damn train that was going to get me there on time if everything else lined up.


I eventually got to London after having changed onto the tube which included a long walk in my high heels and then turned on my google maps to navigate me to the address. At this point, I was only running 10 minutes late and yes, I hated the whole idea of running late but beating myself up was not going to get me there any faster, not in my high heels anyway, so soldiered on.


This is when things got interesting. You know how google maps can sometimes take you to someplace where there is supposed to be a path but then someone saw it fit to put a gate there but didn’t tell google maps? Well, that is what happened when I saw myself confronting a gate across my path and I had to turn around and find an alternative route. I came back to the station and decided to ask for directions instead of trusting technology so I was sent in the opposite direction of where I was supposed to be going.


Long story short, I eventually got to the venue, literally with only 30 minutes of the event left! But my drama wasn’t over, apparently, I had entered the venue at the wrong entrance and the event entrance was around the back as was cheerily informed by the security staff. So, as I came out of the wrong entrance to use the right entrance at the back, did I mention my high heels, I twisted my ankle and literally had to hobble into the event’s entrance.


So why am I going to the trouble of telling you all this? Because sometimes, life just sucks. Yes, it does, you will be late, your feet will hurt, your clothes will feel tight, you will miss your train and just as you think the ordeal is over, you will twist your ankle. 


But this doesn’t happen every day and when it happens, we cannot afford to build a shrine and worship it. We need to have the mental skills to be able to brush it off, put it in context, and move on. Move on we must because there is always something better waiting for you if you make the right adjustment and keep going.


True success is not for the uninitiated, it is for those who refused to be defined by the twisted ankle. It is for those who limped on. The difference between those who limp on to eventual success and those who give up is just the lens through which you are viewing life. Your job is to do the work to acquire the right lens because your greatness awaits.


I only caught the last 30 minutes of the event and it was worth every minute!


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