Egg Freezing, Perk or Pressure For Women In The Workplace?

Four years ago, I wrote a blog, Eggs in one frozen basket which was about organisations offering egg freezing to women as a perk. This trend has gone up now to almost 20% of organisations offering this perk. I found it dubious then but perhaps I was a lone voice. Now we have research published in the Journal of applied psychology to show that employees regard this perk with suspicion.


The advice now to employers is not to lead with this perk as not everyone will view it as a life-enhancing benefit but rather, pressure to sacrifice personal life! Hmmn, I wonder why. 


Egg freezing is a medical benefit and organisations normally offer medical cover which will cover a plethora of conditions so why pull out this one to tout unless to make a statement? And what statement will that be exactly? Of all the benefits that women will advance, why the egg freezing one? I’ll tell you why, that is the one that least inconveniences the employer. To them the only cost is money, but to the women, these are life-changing decisions.


If you are thinking of joining an organisation and you come across this perk and you think it is because they want diversity in their workplace, you are right they do. But they want diversity without the biological messiness that disrupts a woman’s career. So I will think twice if I were you.


If you want to find out my detailed reasoning as to why I thought this egg freezing perk was dubious in the first place, here is the link to my previous blog.


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