Do You Have The Courage To Live?


Everyone dies but not everyone lives – A.Sachs


Happy new year! No doubt you are bursting with resolutions, or perhaps you have decided to skip resolutions for this year. Maybe you are going with the word of the year, mine is ‘courage’ if anyone is asking. Whatever it is that you have decided to do afresh this year, I am here to encourage you to have the courage to live.


As the quote above suggests, everyone dies! Death is inevitable, it comes to all of us eventually whether you want it or not, it is not a matter of choice. Living on the other hand is definitely a matter of choice. By living I don’t mean, merely existing or surviving, I mean actually living, thriving and having fun and enjoying your life.


Very few people live. A lot of people spend their lives hustling, rushing around from one crisis to another, constantly stressed and perpetually afraid and ignorant of their power. They know they are not living the life they want to live but they are afraid to really live their own life.


They are buried in societal expectations and living for everyone else but themselves. They are burning the candle at both ends and their health is paying the price for it. Their relationships are suffering and their children can’t wait to get as far away from them as they can. 


To top it all off, while they are spinning out of control, perhaps chasing a career that they are not aligned with and hating every minute of it but feel they don’t have a choice because they have a lifestyle to maintain, they are quietly dying inside.


They might list all their material achievements to you in one sitting but if you listen closely and look into their eyes, there is pain. The pain of not going after what they truly want. The pain of living a life that is not theirs. The despair of silently screaming inside with no one to hear them. Yes, they want to run away from it all but how can they? From the outside, it all looks perfect. The faux perfection is what leads to despair because how can they possibly complain without seeming ungrateful?


So they plough on in alienation, one desperate day after another, hoping someone will eventually hear their silent scream and come and bail them out, and the years go by.


Don’t let that be you. You are at the start of the new year. This is your chance to reinvent yourself. You can decide now, to play a different role, one that is aligned to who you truly are. One that you are happy to wake up to every morning. In fact, you can’t wait to wake up in the mornings, you are bouncing off the walls with excitement with the upcoming day.


You do what fulfils you, you know you are contributing, your relationships are fulfilling, people want to be near you because you lift them up. When that happens, you know you have truly learnt how to live. You have given up on just surviving and you are showing up for your life with the courage that whatever comes your way is there to move you to your highest good.


Are you prepared to go after that life? Do you have the courage, because that is what it takes to confront your fears. To do things that scare you witless. To do things you have never done before. To go after change with the determination that this time, you are not going to give up on yourself, that you owe it to yourself to truly live and thrive. Are you?


This year, I dare to live!


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