Book Club – April 2018

Travelling to Infinity: The true story behind the theory of Everything

The incredible story of Jane and Stephen Hawking. His mind changed our world, her love changed his.


After Stephen Hawking’s passing last month, his wife’s book sprang to my mind one day when the press was all agog with his achievements. I read Jane Hawking’s book when I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life wondering where my life was going and I found it very comforting.

Until her book came out and was turned into a film, no one had looked at the woman behind the genius. The woman, whose sacrifices made his achievements possible. I for one could not have made the sacrifices that Jane made. She was practically a single mother with young children with a severely disabled husband.

She had to put her dreams on hold to raise her children and allow her husband who was admittedly a genius to thrive in spite of his disabilities. Last month there was a lot of talk of Stephen’s genius, I didn’t hear that much of Jane’s sacrifice. Behind every successful man, is a woman’s sacrifice.

Enjoy this month’s read and as usual, I am very interested in your thoughts.