Change Your Beliefs, UPGRADE Your Life!

Learn The Top Secrets My Most Successful Clients Are Using To End Burnout, Have Happy Kids & Rapidly Advance Your Career

(Even if right now, they barely get a minute to themselves)

  • Do you feel like you always start off with good intentions but never see them through?

  • You know what to do, hell you could even teach this stuff but somehow you find yourself stuck in overwhelm, anxious, stressed out and resentful of others who make it seem easy?

  • You know you are a good mother but are you riddled with guilt because you don’t enjoy your time with your kids because you are constantly exhausted?
  • Do you feel insecure at work because you know you are capable of a lot more, but you feel you can’t cope with any more demands on your time?

If this is you, then I have got good news. It is not you; it is your BELIEFS! They have been holding you hostage all this time. Now you have a choice: stay prisoner or bust out of jail. How?

I am delivering a 2-Hour workshop on BELIEFS.

That’s right, we devote a whole two hours just to give you the keys to walk out of this prison, once and for all.

Below are the details:


Wednesday, February 8, 2023


12:00-14:00 GMT







Natalia, a Vendor Manager, said before the programme

"I felt that I was losing myself. I was constantly tired, moody and grieving my old carefree life. I also felt that I was having a postnatal depression and wasn’t getting any support."

She also said of the programme: "It touches all areas or your life, but also allows you to focus on yourself. You are the most important asset of yourself."

Natalia Craddock

Molly a marketing Director, went from wanting to give up her job to a promotion after working with me. Here is what she said:

"I’m happier at work because of the changes, better communication and asserting boundaries and needs – and I got the promotion I wanted and am no longer thinking I might have to give it up just to cope. Things are better with my husband – no longer stressed and resentful of him “Not doing anything” while I did it all."

Molly James

Milensu, A Medical Statistician, went from feeling overwhelmed with balancing the demands of a PHD, a full time job and her family and being in burnout, to losing weight, feeling like a new woman and of course she completed that PHD and is now Dr Milensu.

And of course after the interview she went on to get a new job with more money!

Dr. Milensu Shanyinde

In this Workshop you will learn:

  • The exact game plan my ambitious professional working mum clients use to PERMANENTLY eliminate limiting beliefs that lead to stress and burnout, while putting themselves in the prime position for the next promotional pay raise.
  • The belief stacks that allow any professional Mum to perfectly balance motherhood and career demands without ever skipping a beat, while still getting that much-needed ME time. (Yes, it can be done)
  • Understand why your crappy beliefs are making you work long hours and take crazy risks with your family’s happiness and still feel like you are failing on all fronts.
  • How your beliefs are leading you to debilitating feelings of inadequacy, guilt, and burnout, and how you can turn those beliefs around so that you too can rise up in your career, have even better relationship with the kids and your partners. (This is not a pipe dream)
  • How my clients build new beliefs about themselves to rekindle their most cherished relationships, drop dress sizes along the way, feel the best they've ever felt in their bodies, while still pursuing a demanding career.
  • AND… how they do all this while dropping the guilt, without letting ANYONE down, even if they are born perfectionists!

Meet Gifty

Hi I am Gifty Enright. I am not your average Author, Public Speaker, Coach and CEO.

I am on a mission to get women to stand in their power, particularly working mothers. As working mothers, we are the centre of a lot of people’s lives and constantly must juggle a million plates. If every working mother knew how to juggle efficiently, the whole world will be a much calmer place.

Let me take you on this journey to learn to do just that.