“And the Imam fainted!”

Odd title for a blog but hear me out.

I have a love hate relationship with aubergines. I love the look of them, with their rich deep purple colour and the tear drop shape; it promises so much but whenever I have eaten it, it has been a bit meh. It has always been a bit form over substance for me, until last week that is.

I normally have organic vegetables delivered weekly and I never quite know what I am going to get, so when the aubergines turned up, I was somewhat dismayed because like I said I am not that enamoured with them. I took to the internet to look for something different to do with them, after they had been staring accusingly at me for few days. I discarded the first two recipes as being in the too difficult bracket, and the third one was uninspiring. Then I got to the fourth one, and there was a story before the recipe called ‘The Imam fainted!’. Basically, the recipe was so good that when it was presented to the Imam and he tasted it, he simply fainted!

I am not of the fainting persuasion, but I definitely have spiritual pretensions; and what is good enough for the Imam is definitely good enough for me. So off I went with my ingredients, with said aubergine taking centre stage, to see who I could make faint. The recipe wasn’t a complicated one and to be honest I wasn’t holding my breath, as it was aubergine after all; but OMG was I in for a surprise. I presented the finished article to my husband and he was like ‘where is my wife and what have you done with her?’ To be fair, the presentation was a bit cheffy and dramatic, what with being presented in the aubergine skin and all, but the taste packed a punch too.

So, what is the moral of the story and why have I gone to all this trouble to tell you about my new found love for aubergine? Well the moral of the story is that sometimes out the ordinary and the blah, you can still extract the extraordinary and, with some luck, make the Imam (or whatever holy man you can find) faint if you ever find yourself near one.

You can spend a lifetime waiting for the extraordinary; and believe you me, I am a major culprit of this. You can look back on your life with nostalgia and think ‘if only’, simply because you didn’t try to make the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

This is not the same as making lemonade out of lemons mind you. I am really good at that because when the lemons turn up, that is my signal to go into full on warrior mode, where I am all fired up with ‘bring it on’ attitude. What I am talking about is subtler than that. The moments of your life you just let slip by because you just see them as mundane. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right, so it just slips by.

Unfortunately, majority of life does fall in this humdrum category with the minority, falling into the dramatic category that make us burst with joy or collapse in pain. They do say life is what you make it, and this is really true. Some of us have a PhD in waiting for the dramatic something or someone outside of us to come and rock our world, forgetting that we are the star of our own show. People are pre-occupied with their own drama and you are only the support act in theirs. You must accept the responsibility of rocking your own world.

The interesting thing that happens though, when you accept that responsibility, is that you really become the star of your own show; and:

• You are not held hostage by other people’s whims and idiosyncrasies.
• You get to look at the same things with a different lens.
• Boring things suddenly become interesting.
• Dead ends become new opportunities.
• You generate excitement from within.
• You get to know yourself better because suddenly you venture into things that previously you would have ruled yourself out of.
• You turn the mundane into the marvellous

So go on, I dare you, what ordinary thing are you going to go after today and try and find the extraordinary within it? Who are you going to make faint?

Let me know, as I am genuinely interested in what you get up to. By the way, if you want the aubergine recipe, drop me an email.
Have a good week.