A message to my Sister for International Women’s day

@MessageToMySister is the headline for the initiative of the Women for Women Organisation. It’s a simple and powerful campaign that allows women to send messages of solidarity and support to women in conflict areas. You could hardly think of a more apt campaign around International Women’s Day.


A little history

The Socialist Party of America staged the first International Women’s Day in 1909, and it was soon taken up across the socialist world. The feminist movement took up the idea in 1967, and in 1975 the United Nations formally adopted it. It is now a public holiday in 27 countries, from Afghanistan to Zambia; in fact in China and Madagascar it’s only a public holiday for women. Oddly, although IWD is celebrated and marked with public holidays across the emerging world, it is not similarly marked in the western, supposedly, developed world. Why is that?


Back to my point – International Women’s Day means many different things to many different people in many different countries. However, at its heart, it is an opportunity (like Christmas, Ede or the Hindu New Year) for us to remember each other, particularly women.


So, like the Women for Women Organisation; lets all remember to send a ‘Message to my Sister’ on 8 March. That message can take many forms; an email, a letter or a call. It can be to women struggling in conflict zones, or to a colleague who is silently drowning in work or life.


Many of us are blessed with material comforts, many of us are not; together we can raise all our boats – and boats are always named after women!