5 Lessons I Learnt From Living In Balance

You may or may not know my story. I was that working mother who had it all; the career, the kids, the good looking husband (he insists on me referring to him as good looking 🙂 ), the beautiful home, the lot!  Yet I found myself with a doctor going through my list of 14 symptoms which were debilitating, making my life unbearable. I will not bore you with details here as it is all in my book: Octopus on Treadmill: Women, Health, Success, Happiness but suffice to say, I wasn’t living the dream, in spite of appearances.


I was burnt out, felt like a fraud and was desperate. I knew something had to give and it took me years to work out what worked and what didn’t but when I figured it out. I realised not living in balance was non-negotiable. I completely overhauled my life to tip me back into balance and below is what I learned:


  • Physical – What was going on physically with me and all my 14 symptoms was no accident. It was a result of my unbalanced lifestyle. Working crazy hours and not finding time to eat well, exercise or get enough sleep was not a sustainable way of living.
  • Emotional – My feelings matter! The feelings of stress, frustration and anger that kept sweeping under the carpet were costing me my health and peace of mind. I had to prioritise my mental health if I wanted to have any chance of living a happy life. I had to find time to nourish my close personal relationships as they had a direct impact on my mental health. Working crazy hours were not conducive to this but that was what I was prioritising
  • Mental – Mindset; how I chose to see the challenges of my everyday life was directly correlated to how I felt which in turn impacted my physical body. Life is managing a series of challenges which allow you to grow. Facing up to the challenge of a boss who habitually ignores your boundaries and intrudes into your family time helps you to develop the skills to enforce your boundaries. Not facing up to it and burying your head in the sand just drives you to despair.
  • Spiritual – Having a spiritual framework gave me beliefs which then influenced my mindset, which in turn influenced my emotions and then my body followed suit. What beliefs do you have that are holding you back? Do you seriously believe that you can have it all without sacrifice? A lot of mothers don’t! 
  • The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual were all connected and I had to pay attention to all of them if I wanted to live a successful and happy life without my body sabotaging me.


Once I became clear on the above 5 lessons, I set about changing my life to pay attention to the different factors and to ensure I lived holistically and believe it or not, my symptoms went away.


Life is too short not to enjoy it. You don’t just want to work to live, work is just one that you do among a host of others like being a good mother and a good human being and contributing to society. If you are battling debilitating symptoms, you can’t be good at anything for long.


I was able to turn my life around so I know anyone can because I am not special. I was desperate enough to decide to do something different for the sake of my children so that they could see a thriving mother rather than one that was constantly exhausted and in a bad mood.


If nothing at all, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the body in which you live.


If you want to find out how to live in balance and enjoy your life, grab a slot in my diary here for a free chat.


Your beautiful life awaits.