Crushing Expectations: When Achieving Your Dreams Turns into a Nightmare

Do you feel you have spent your life craving for society to treat you in a certain way? And now you have finally arrived, they are treating you that way, but you are buckling under the expectation.


Damn, it is not what you thought it would be like.


You feel like you have been sold a false narrative.


You would not have killed yourself for this dream if you had truly known what it was going to feel like once you got there. The dream job, the picture-perfect family, fabulous house, you have got it all.


What makes it worse is that you feel like a complete fraud. Everyone is looking at you thinking you are crushing it, but inside you feel like running away from it all.


Then there is the isolating loneliness. You cannot open up to anyone because they want to be you. You don’t want to crush their dreams so you continue to keep up appearances.


It is suffocating. Some days you feel your heart is going to stop from the weight of it all. 


This terrifies you.


You look around at your children, your family, your colleagues, and everyone that has seen you climb up this ladder of life and you don’t want to let anyone down. So you soldier on.


You blame it on your hormones, it is a phase you’re going through, you cannot feel like this forever, this too shall pass. But when you look back, you know this has been going on for a long time. This phase is turning into an eternity. Is this as good as life gets?


Surely you deserve to live a better life? A life where you can enjoy the fruit of all your hard work and striving and climbing the ladder.  A life where you can be aware of your achievements and know who you are from the inside out.


A life where you can have temporary blips but they don’t take you out because you know who you are. You know what you bring to the table. You don’t have to shout about it, but you know deep down in your soul that you are a badass. Whether people agree with you or not, that is their problem but you don’t need their approval to roll because you have done the work and know you are worth your fabulous weight in gold.


A life where yes, people are looking at you, the societal burden is still there, but you don’t find it crushing because you have learned how to navigate it with your firm boundaries and your legendary communication skills. You know that self-love is not up for negotiation. You are you, fabulous and all, and your light can’t help but shine.


Want to live like this? Come and let me show you how. I have been there, and killed myself for approval I didn’t need, to come out on the other side. I have learned to live life on my own sustainable terms so I don’t burn out in pursuit of stuff I don’t want, pleasing people I don’t even like or respect. You can do it too and yes I get into trouble for saying this but you should have it ALL and enjoy it ALL, the career, the family, and the health. Come and let’s play.

If you want to find out how, click here to book a chat with me. The life you are meant to live is waiting for you.